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Scholarships & Education Grants
Need financial help or a scholarship to further your education in Malaysia? EMGA is here to help.
Your Journey Begins Here!

A commonly held belief is that scholarships and grants are only available to the most active, most brilliant, and most talented of students, and that there are no scholarship opportunities for average students, or even above-average students who lack exceptional backgrounds or exceptional financial needs.

The EMGA Scholarships & Education Grants Centre rises above this, as we have scholarship opportunities within our pool of resources for students of all walks of life with all sorts of skill sets. We also have scholarships for adult students, scholarships for minorities, and scholarships for those from war-torn nations, as well as scholarship opportunities for business students, education majors, journalism students, and many other areas of study specialisations.

EMGA also offers our own 10% tuition fee scholarships to students pursuing a variety of areas of study, that is constantly updated every few months. And better still, by registering an account and completing a profile with EMGA, you will receive instant updates of a list of scholarship opportunities tailored to your interests, experiences and financial ability.

Please read the TERMS & CONDITIONS carefully before proceeding to fill in the scholarship form.

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