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EMGA Initiative For Parents

As part of the initiative, EMGA will conduct special meet session with the parents whereby through discussion, we initiate and advise on education financial planning.

This is to help address one of the major concerns of parents today that need strong foundation when their children entering into the phase of higher education livelihood.

Other than that, parents also will be introduced with new careers that require the kids to get a degree in unconventional fields. Through details and information attained from the session, it will supplement the parents with market understanding and demand, with parents bearing in mind to have better perspective and outlook on various fields, options and courses available for their children that are worth pursuing in a professional manner as a legitimate career path.

Being contributing to the industry for almost a decade now, EMGA has been conducting large scale but specialize Education Malaysia open days by bringing universities and their representatives to meet the prospect and offering various options and drawing active interactions. The effort gets bigger every year, attracting more than 30 universities and colleges expected to be part of the open days every time. The collaborative effort includes participation from private and public universities from Malaysia that offer various programs. Through the Open Days also, the prospects will be able to get more understanding and in-depth insights and every answer to their expectations.

…EMGA module also includes and encourages active involvement of parents in the children development.

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