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FOR Students


Among the problems faced by the students is making the right choice and decision on what to pursue for the future and having the clear picture about their career path. Without an in-depth understanding, every option seems to be very much exciting worth exploring.

This is one of the core values that EMGA will help the students to understand and guide them in making the best choice from the vast options the market has to offer, focusing on what suits their interest, skills and creativity that eventually can be pursued in becoming a professional in any given field.

EMGA through its career guidance sessions to the kids in schools, with the interactive approach, has proved to be able to stimulate the students to explore options they have in hand in a positive way. This is also a mechanic in getting the insights of the children dreams to then motivate them to relate and channel these dreams and passion into a professional manner that can ultimately help them in having a clear path of career worth pursuing.

EMGA being backed by its extensive experience and network resources has numerous portfolios, educations options and large-scale database with direct access to universities and colleges. This will aid and escalate on attaining information and details about all courses options offered within the region.

With this advantage, EMGA aims to introduce the access for the students to various education options that be fitting to their future career prospect. It is also a courtesy of EMGA through this effort, to support the students to be able to recognize good choice and differentiate the options available for them in a more critical way as making the right decision at the initial stage is very important and essential to their long term career projection and their future.

We understand that though the kids today might be able to make their own decision, but through EMGA, here it is a plus point in having advice from trusted and approved resource that should compliment their decision making approach.

Pass to Options

Secure Scholarship & Bursaries

Through this initiative also, EMGA has assisted thousands of students from all over the globe in getting the best for their education journey in many aspects. EMGA with its access will look into any possibilities to help enhance and equip the admission for students to Malaysian universities together with its support for the students, in finding and securing scholarships or bursaries offer available.

There are many methodologies in learning. Besides the conventional classroom approach, excursion is also another enrichment in learning that able to trigger inquisitive & attract the creative minds of the kids. This is another way of expanding options for the students to gain advantage of a more personal, focused learning experience.

Using engaging, fun activities such as exploration camps or study tours to Malaysia and many other excursion activities, EMGA forge the link between achieving goal of better understanding on the classroom experience with the environment and conducive surrounding itself. The kids are known to be more attracted to practical learning experience that they can channel more involvement and creativity while at the same time learn more skills and attain values throughout diverse learning approach.

for Experience

is Strength

Rather than coasting through life without knowing what to accomplish and let the time being the decisive factor, EMGA introduces passion development as part of its element to accelerate this cycle in the kids’ life. This is a basic help for the kids to get started and have clear aim of significance success when they step into their professional journey.

As youngsters with imaginative minded, the students need extra determination and proper guidance in structuring the best way possible to achieve positive result and great productivity from their energy, capacity and the ability to handle their own motivation.

EMGA also focuses on innovative learning approach to instill interest of the students on specific fields or areas of study. For the upcoming, EMGA will be having a science challenge that aims to encourage the significance of science in their daily life, whereby the students are going to learn the subject in a more interactive manner and be able to approach the subject from a different perspective that will compliment their creativity.

As much as the academic being the key objective, EMGA also concentrates on contributing into social aspect of the students’ life. There are many activities being held outdoors, which appreciates morale values and healthy relationships, nurtured into their routine.

Recently, the students under EMGA program enjoy special movie premiere with EMGA and members from the universities. Selected students that currently undergoing engineering courses had also experienced the Formula-1 racetrack in Sepang with a more close up access to get insights on the automotive and motorsports.

Outdoor Activities

FOR Principals / Teachers

Significant Role of Teachers / Principals Familiarization

Nurturing the students encompasses almost every aspects of development including social, emotional, cognitive, and physical. In every interaction, a teacher should nurture appropriate growth with correct attitude of development, as the result of this connection will have lasting affect on the children, their mindset, behavior and most importantly, their future.

While teaching is full of many responsibilities, roles and challenges, EMGA recognizes the importance of this significance role in child development. Hence the initiative also includes special activities, which centered for teachers that aim to equip, improve and enhance their methodology and approach to serve better, becoming more effective and capable.

With smart pathways being introduced into the initiative, this will allow teachers to have more options and opportunities to enhance their academic background. Through the programs for teachers and people in education industry, it will provide clear path to advance and improve their qualification and academic credentials to Masters and PhD level with EMGA support and advisory.

In order to get the right balance of work and study, EMGA provides options such as fast track entry to program with flexible study options. With this, teachers can opt to have a more convenient nature of study and working at the same time while completing their courses.

It is very important for teachers, principals and people in the industry to always freshened up and equip themselves with updated knowledge and skills so as to deal with the kids, to cope with the growing pace of industry as well as retaining the expectation from community. For the teachers to be resourceful, EMGA through its program will stream information and experience needed to meet the necessities and demand.


The Familiarization

Another mechanics hosted by EMGA, prepared for the teaching group is focusing on means to make them well acquainted and conversant in adapting to diverse practice and approach in teaching. By having familiarization trips to Malaysia to visit universities and also meet similar counterparts to exchange ideas and share experience, the outcome is concentrated on ways to improve teaching and classroom experience.

Diverse streams of methodology in teaching are something that is worth exploring. Approach in teaching has a strong connection to geographical behavior which when looked into, could sometime be more applicable and effective to another focus group of students with different background.

We empower principal to award scholarships to underprivileged students whom have the capacity to excel in many fields but packaged with no adequate care and financial constraint, is getting in their way, impeding their development. In this enrichment module, we tend not to leave and disregard any students with potential regardless of their background rather we encourage the establishment of Principal Award Scholarships to add value in motivating academic progression as well as inspire in being socially responsible and courteous community.

The essence of EMGA is continuously giving various opportunities to various levels. This is the value that the initiative looking to promote and endorse in a long run. We believe with more opportunities offered, the outlook of the future will generate more positive possibilities. This will not only change the lives of the students, but eventually will shape a quality generation that can uphold moral values with strong academic background altogether. We believe in giving opportunities as the way to make a difference.


FOR Parents


EMGA module also includes and encourages active involvement of parents in the children development. As part of the initiative, EMGA will conduct special meet session with the parents whereby through discussion, we initiate and advise on education financial planning. This is to help address one of the major concerns of parents today that need strong foundation when their children entering into the phase of higher education livelihood.

Other than that, parents also will be introduced with new careers that require the kids to get a degree in unconventional fields. Through details and information attained from the session, it will supplement the parents with market understanding and demand, with parents bearing in mind to have better perspective and outlook on various fields, options and courses available for their children that are worth pursuing in a professional manner as a legitimate career path.

Being contributing to the industry for almost a decade now, EMGA has been conducting large scale but specialize Education Malaysia open days by bringing universities and their representatives to meet the prospect and offering various options and drawing active interactions. The effort gets bigger every year, attracting more than 30 universities and colleges expected to be part of the open days every time. The collaborative effort includes participation from private and public universities from Malaysia that offer various programs. Through the Open Days also, the prospects will be able to get more understanding and in-depth insights and every answer to their expectations.



Education Malaysia Global Assist is the initiative that covers the accountabilities and interest of teachers, parents and especially students as a whole. The extensive provisions, opportunities and possibilities given to all level that incorporate directly with education and child development are the beginning to a greater future for every involvement.

In addition, on many instances, EMGA has given free flight tickets, electronic gadgets to kids and many other rewards as part of the courtesy and appreciation for the participation and support shown towards the program.

Many schools that adopted the program have also benefited from the initiative by nonstop support they received from EMGA during their internal school activities, sports day, PTA meetings. EMGA itself has also been contributing in development and crafting school program such as book donations, canteen improvements and many others boundlessly.

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